I Want to Start My Own Lawn Care Business Because the Investment is Small

There are several levels to this business. These levels range from the teenager looking to make money to pay for that new car or recreational activities during the summer to the guy that his investment consists of a pickup truck, with a push mower and weed wacker to the guy that has it all. Above that you have a crew with 2-4 guys who try to knock out as many residential properties as possible. Then, you’ll have a 2 or more crews that bid for commercial jobs taking care of commercial properties from malls and apartment complexes to just about anything else that can support a profit and pay for a larger crew. The investment proportionally increases for each higher level of service provided.
The neighborhood kid Level.
This is how most young boys and nowadays girls fill their resumes for the next level of employment, the fast food restaurant or the grocery store bringing in carts from the parking lot. If you’re not yet old enough or willing to dedicate your time to rigorous schedule at the local grocery store, the lawn maintenance job is perfect. The expectations are low from your neighbors. As long as you provide your services semi-regularly you and cut most of the grass you’ll probably have a pretty good income while the grass is growing. If you want to make sure you stay in business, offer to come over a few times a week as part of your service and turn the sprinkler on.
The Pick Up Truck Level
This is the next step up from the neighborhood kid. You may still be the neighborhood kid, but your expectations and the expectations of your neighbors are higher. Mr. Smith your neighbor 5 houses down may actually want you to mow his yard diagonally, or mow it twice. You need the pickup because you want more lawns and may have to go further away to find them.
The Small Crew Level
Once again the expectations have increased. You have 2 or more people taking care of the yard and you must pick up the amount of houses and the quality of work to succeed. You are looking for quantity to provide a paycheck to you and others. The customer wants full service from mowing to edging sidewalks and driveways to trimming tall grass around obstacles.
The Large Crew Level
This is where the big boys are. You have your pickup and probably a trailer with equipment and you’re bidding for commercial jobs. You’re looking for businesses that need their properties taken care of. These are apartment complexes malls and any other customer that their staff cannot be spared for the hours it takes to manicure their lawn. The expectations are that you’ll keep the lawn in pristine shape. All blades of grass are cut the same height, all sidewalks are edged, all weeds are trimmed around the fence and most likely all foliage is taken care of. This level may also include chemical application or other.
Jerry Steege
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