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PG&E: Energy Efficiency Retrofit Loan Program

PG&E: Energy Efficiency Retrofit Loan Program

No-interest financing for business customers and government agencies

Do you want to make facilities improvements that will save you energy and money?  Do you have projects in mind, but need to avoid large outlays of cash, and high-interest  costs? The Energy Efficiency Retrofit Loan Program, also known as On-Bill Financing  (OBF), helps eligible customers pay for energy-efficient retrofit projects with no-interest  loans that are repaid through their monthly PG&E bills.

What kinds of projects are eligible?

Financing is available to fund many technologies, including lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, and LED street light projects. To qualify, a project’s estimated monthly energy cost savings must be sufficient
to repay the loan within the maximum loan term limits. The project must qualify for a rebate or incentive through a PG&E  program, including the Customized Incentive Program (CIP), certain  PG&E third-party programs, the LED Street Light Program and  many Energy Efficiency Rebates for Business. You may install the equipment yourself or hire a contractor to perform the work. PG&E will need to inspect the site before you remove old equipment, and will perform another inspection upon project completion.

How much can my business or agency borrow?

Business customers may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $100,000, with loan periods up to 60 months. Government agencies may qualify for loans between $5,000 and $250,000 per PG&E meter, with loan periods up to 120 months. Loan funds must be used to purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient equipment.

How is the loan term calculated?

To qualify for financing through the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Loan Program, a project’s estimated energy savings must be sufficient to repay the loan during the maximum
allowable payment term. The monthly payment is calculated based on estimated monthly energy savings.

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If you close your PG&E account before your loan term ends—for example, if your business closes or you move to a new location—you must pay off your loan balance when you settle your final bill.

Does my business or agency qualify?

Before beginning your retrofit project, contact your PG&E Account Representative to make sure that your energy efficiency upgrades qualify for On-Bill Financing. To be eligible, customers must have a PG&E account that has been continuously active for the past 24 months and has been in good standing for the past 12 months. Business customers are also subject to a commercial credit review.

Next Steps

Visit the OBF program Web site at to review program details and a list of energy efficiency rebate and incentive programs that qualify for financing through the Energy Efficiency Retrofit Loan Program. You may alsocontact your PG&E Account Representative or call the PG&E Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743 for assistance. Or fill out the application here.

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