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Other Options

Lease to Own

Sunbolt partners with SolarNet the leasing program to provide a residential lease to own program.  Pay nothing down and pay 15% less on your electric bill each month. Contact us for details.

Bank Loans

Check out Umpqua, New Resources or any other local or any local community bank for financing programs specifically for home improvements and Solar Electric systems.

Energy Efficiency Mortgages

The FHA and VA programs offer Energy Efficiency Mortgages, EEMs, to qualifying customers for energy efficiency measures including solar electric systems.

Cash Out

Withdraw cash from a certificate of deposit (CD) or money market account. Solar electric rate of returns will exceed those yielded by these conventional investments.


Most solar electric systems will generate a rate of return greater than 7%. Not many secure investments can beat that rate in today’s market. You are allowed to borrow against your retirement accounts such as a 401K at a reduced fixed interest rate for personal uses.


A solar electric system will make the mortgage payment and generate an additional positive cash flow.

Credit Card

Using a credit card is a convenient way to pay assuming the credit limit is high enough. Many solar electric systems will generate returns greater than the interest rates on the card.


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Sunbolt Energy Systems is a company committed to promoting and installing renewable energy systems.
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